GPS vehicle tracking

Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP develops fleet tracking management software which works on any GPS  hardware, maps especially Google maps,open layers etc. A GPS (Global Positioning System) vehicle tracking is a process of installation of an electronic device for the purpose of tracking the vehicle by owner or a third party with the help of a designed computer software. For locating the vehicle GPS or GLONASS system is commonly used. We use the technology of GEO-fencing for our certain implementations, which helps to track some components in a  specific geographic location. In order to transfer information from the system we use GPRS(General Packet Radio Service), which helps to do it via internet.


Geofencing is used along with GPS vehicle tracking.It Helps to limit mobile employees to a specific geographic location by tracking their whereabouts.Geofencing helps to make sure a company’s mobile employees,those that travel locally stay within the boundaries of a company. Concept of geofencing is employed by those Companies who have fleets of company vehicles available to employees . Delivery drivers, service technicians, and outside sales representatives are examples of jobs where geofencing may apply.Otherwise its a virtual barrier. Many geofencing applications incorporate Google Maps, allowing administrators to define boundaries of certain geographical area. For geo fencing to work, the company’s vehicles must be fitted with a GPRS tracking unit or the employees themselves must carry a wireless phone or other device equipped with GPS technology. Whenever a given person or vehicle goes somewhere exceeding the limit, an alert is sent back to the person at the company’s monitoring headquarters. Typical uses of Geofence includes Mobile device management,fleet management,human resource management,compliance management,marketing,asset management,law enforcement.

We specially works for

GPS vehicle tracking system development
  • Private vehicle Tracking
  • Taxi & Car Rent Service Providers
  • Bus tracking
  • Animal tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Baby tracking


Private Vehicle tracking:- Our GPS system for vehicle tracking helps to track your vehicle, to avoid the theft and other security purpose. You can analyse the speed,route,fuel monitoring (fuel level) of your vehicle more over you can also exhaust the fuel tank or avoid the fuel injection. Hence we give a complete car security.It also helps to get alert through mobiles in a particular number when a vehicle got into an accident.

Taxi & Car Rent Service Providers:- Our system can be integrated for the comfort working for Taxi or car rent services by tracking each cab. By this you can know the correct route and distance used by your single cab for the destination.

Bus tracking:- The same GPS tracking system is implemented in city or long route buses to tracking the location of the bus for the passengers through there personal devices like cell phone or other. By this they can set a alert for there accurate departure time for their safe journey. This is mostly implemented with ticket booking softwares.

Animal tracking:- This is used for your pets to avoid the dislocation and you can also store the fitness details of them with the help of a chip were you can also set the notification of the next vaccination. This is specially used in zoo.

Asset tracking:-  Specially this is used in the construction field to track the equipment and other assets, to avoid the misuse. This can be done for any other organization as like to this.GPS system also helps to get alert to the shope owners when any abnormality happens to the locks.

Baby tracking:-  We can also make our system for you security and care for your infants. You can track your infants with the help of our system, this will help you to save your child from missing or kidnapping.