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Direct selling is the marketing of products/services, It is one of the most successful models in modern trade practices across the world. Direct selling companies are running through direct selling software and increasing each day.  Hence having a successful tool for tracking the business is necessary. iOSS has a success stories in delivering the direct selling software. Multi-level marketing software is creating a drastic change in the Network Marketing business world.
Best and universally accepted software encourages direct selling companies to grow globally. Using our company technology software, it benefits your business to stay ahead of the competition. Our system will be highly extensive, comprehensive software system that manages downline. Direct selling software also reduces the complexities of sales volume, incentives, bonuses, commission types, promotion qualifications and every other twist imaginable in a compensation plan.


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We provide different Compensation Plans in Direct Selling Software

Matrix Plan

It is one of the primary plan for multi-level marketing. Matrix Plan also is known as Forced Matrix Plan or ladder Plan. In the network marketing software, matrix plan is similar to a pyramid. Members are organized in a particular width and depth.

Binary Plan

Binary plan is a structure used in multi-level marketing In Binary Compensation Plan one member can recruit two people to the first level. It is introduced into a system with a tree-like structure where each new member of the organization has a left and right subtree.

Unilevel Plan

This is a simple direct selling plan with direct control over the distributors. The first level members can add members to the downline and earn an unlimited bonus. This plan is said to be beneficial in multi-level marketing software

Board Plan

Board Plan is also known as Matrix Cycle. The Board Plan is a unique system and gives an opportunity to take benefit from all the board members.

We provide all the Add Ons with superior user experience and flexibility, Few of them are;

Cryptocurrency Promotion

We offer cryptocurrency promotion for various famous crypto coins like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, monero and so on.

Bitcoin Integration

Direct Selling Software with advanced online payment methods is essential for a network marketing company to run a successful network marketing business.

CRM Integration

CRM for Network Marketing Software makes easy to use and reliable service, the owner can manage business more effectively.

Lead Capture Page System

Lead Capture Page in direct selling software helps to collect lead and allows people know how easily they can get around your product

Mobile App

Mobile app helps to manage their profile through mobile or tablet and provides updated information on commission and compensations.

E commerce Integration

Provides e-commerce integration in Direct Selling Software with widely used E-commerce platforms, Opencart and Magento

Why Direct Selling Software

Multi-level marketing software is a tool that helps to make business simple. Choosing the right web based Direct Selling Software is an important factor for business success. One should be aware of compensation plans, add-ons features and everything about the software. The compensation plan should be chosen according to the business nature and if it fails, it can create a great drop in your business growth.
So try our direct selling software demo to help you decide always be firm in getting precise and best Direct Selling software.