Investing in a suitable school management system is a business prerequisite these days. Manually composed data which is prone to many errors has arisen the need to choose the automated and cloud-based school management system for educational institutes. Our School Management system guarantees that all information needs to be stored electronically and totally this school management software is a trouble-free process. iOSS school management software’s powerful reporting & analysis tool makes your campus automated & paperless eventually by saving time, resources & cost. iOSS School management Software is the one-stop solution for any type of educational institutes to automate data management process and also comprehensive school management software with user-friendly dashboards, easy navigation, and well-structured report.

Whether you are looking for the best school management software for school, educational institutes, our dedicated and fervent professionals at iOSS knows well how to stand on the client expectations and therefore, develops a user-friendly school management software and ensure smooth functioning of academic process.

School Management System

1. Web application :

A browser-based access to the Application from the Intranet (No External accesses initially) of the School/organization. Menu and items should be in accordance with the user authority.

2. Android Application :

All users can log in to the mobile app irrespective of the roles specified. Menu and Items Should be According to the User authority. All options available in the web application will not be available in the mobile application.

3. iOS application :

All users can log in to the mobile app irrespective of the roles specified. Menu and Items Should be According to the User authority. All options available in the web application will not be available in the mobile application.

We have three different panels



Admin which manages the entire administration functions of school management activities. A lot of Admin panel features are included in admin panel like Managing user accounts ( Teachers, staff, drivers), student behavior management, Notification board management, SMS Alert and much more.

Staff App ( Teacher and Driver )

Mobile App is provided for both staff and nonteaching staff. A teacher can inform any parent if their child is weak in studies or have done any misbehavior. Regular updating is done based on their child’s activities. Teacher will regularly mark the attendance sheet of students with a check box. First teacher will select class, division and period then list of students will populate for that class. Usually the list contains register no. and roll number of student. For Bus staff there will be a start and stop button in their app. From start to stop log GPS position will be there for tracking. If the student gets into the bus there is an option like Qr code scanning. Through that parent can easily track where their child reached. Through this panel collaboration between staff/ non-staff is done with the parent.
Teacher parent app
School management software

Parent App

Two members of the family will get access to their mobile app. Parent will get an OTP message from the admin at the earlier stage of the registration process, There they need to provide email id, mobile number, child’s details everything to complete the registration process. Then it’s easy for parent to get the regular updating of their child’s progress through Mobile app. Parent will get push notification from bus staffs for boarding the bus and also from attendance marking of class. Parent can also track the bus on map with last GPS Location of bus staff logged in. Everything needed for parents will be embedded in app like contact details of teachers, staff, school etc.

Take a glimpse at sparkling reasons why to choose our school Management Mobile App

— Teacher Information

Our school management software not only aids in availing information about the students but also stores the information regarding the teacher activities inside the school. It’s easy to inspect a particular teacher’s class schedule, file reports efficiently etc through our school management software

— Transport Management

From our app its easy to track student location if he/she gets into the school bus. Through the mode of QR Code scanning of child’s ID card parent can easily monitor where their child reached. Simultaneously they will get the quick notification if their child is about to reach through their mobile app.

— Attendance Management

Attendance management is an essential school administrative task and it requires much time for teachers to do that at the beginning of each class. It is challenging for teachers to manage the whole process of taking attendance and reporting them accurately. Now, recording attendance of each student is just a click away.

— Quick Notification

School management systems have Parent portal, which is capable enough to aid the communication process by sending text messages and e-mails to a predefined set of parents and the entire school. Our app provides timely feedback as well as helps to build a better relationship with parents, thus creating a friendly image for schools. It’s time to stop waiting for the meeting with school admin/teachers! At a single click, you can get to know your child’s progress.

We can say easily that it is a school management mobile app that supports parent-teacher communication and helps to know about the daily status of students. iOSS School management app works on all android mobile phones and iOS platforms and assures the perfect organization of school management activities.